Trap Pests. Save Birds. Get Notified. Make a Difference.

Trap Pests. Save Birds. Get Notified. Make a Difference.

25 million native birds are killed every year by pests and currently 80% of our native species are in trouble. With Squawk Squad you can defend our native birds with a swipe of your thumb. Help collectively fund sensor-connected traps in aid of sanctuaries and receive real-time notifications when your trap is triggered!

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Thames Coast Kiwi Care

Help fund this project in the Coromandel protecting our native brown kiwi

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    - Coromandel

    - saving the brown kiwi

    GOAL = 66 traps

    Thames Coast Kiwi Care, a volunteer based conservation project focusing on protecting our very own iconic kiwi. More specifically the Coromandel brown kiwi. Despite the fact this bird is a cherished symbol of New Zealand (to the point we even affectionately pinch its name when referring to New Zealanders) it is still not only at risk but declining by 2-3% per year! 

    Click here for more on Thames Coast Kiwi Care



    -Saving the kōkako

    GOAL = 60 traps

    The Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre is a restoration project in the Wellington Region with the goal to restore the area of remnant indigenous forest and reintroduce native bird species. The main problem Pukaha has had to face is, you guessed it, pests. This will project will help Pukaha in their goal of increasing their kōkako breeding pairs from 30 to 100.

    Click here for more on Pukaha Mount Bruce


    - Punakaiki

    - save the black petrel

    GOAL = 60 traps

    Predator Free Punakaiki is a community led conservation effort  to protect Punakaiki, the magnificent Pancake Rocks and the black petrels in the area, a New Zealand seabird that is threatened with extinction. The Squawk Squad project will aid them in expanding their initial trapping efforts from Pancake Rocks to further areas of the beautiful wild West Coast of our South Island.

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What is Squawk Squad? How does it work?

Squawk Squad is enabling everyone the opportunity to help save our New Zealand native birds. We are doing this through allowing people to collectively fund sensor-connected predator traps which are deployed at local bird sanctuaries. 

We believe quality trumps quantity so we will allow funding to be open to one project at a time to ensure we maximise protection of a sanctuary before we open up the next project. This means that traps will not be deployed at the sanctuary until the project is fully funded. As soon as they are deployed, as a backer you will be notified and will then begin to receive updates in real-time whenever a predator is trapped.

For more info, see our about us page.

Why use these traps?

New Zealand made Goodnature traps are modern self-resetting traps. They use a toxin-free lure and require very little maintenance. The trap allows for up to 24 kills before the sanctuary will need to replace the gas canister. The kills are instant which means there is no suffering and they have been tested to meet the highest humane standards. 

You can see more on Goodnature on their website

How does this help sanctuaries?

A lot of sanctuaries are not government funded so rely on others support and volunteers to operate. Locating, checking, clearing and resetting conventional traps is extremely time-consuming and inefficient. We equip sanctuaries with a live view of all our funded traps when they activate and therefore when they need refuelling, resulting in a significant decrease in labour time. This could mean that traps only have to be checked every 6 months versus once every week! This time once spent on maintenance can now be better spent focusing on breeding programs and reintroducing new bird species.

For more info on this, see our about us page.

Why are these more expensive than a regular trap?

The traps are fitted with an Encounter Solutions sensor node that has been developed for sanctuary use. Each sanctuary also requires a base station which is used to communicate between the sensors and then sending the real-time notifications to you, the supporters. The cost of the base station is split and spread across traps as well as a small fee for web services, delivery and the likes. For more info see our about us page.

When will the project and notifications begin?

As listed on our Kickstarter we aim to have our first project up and running by November. We intend to post regular updates related to not only sanctuary progress, project deployment but also on the development of the web app. 

Your Kickstarter raised more than 3x the amount of money you asked for. Why do you need more?

Right you are. You can see how successful our Kickstarter was here. We want to be as transparent as we can be about everything. So you will see our Kickstarter was for our first project (Ark in the Park - see success story) as well as covering costs for the next development phase for software and hardware. Due to our success early in the campaign we added stretch goals with projects at other sanctuaries and received further funding. However there are a whole heap of outstanding sanctuaries across New Zealand looking for help and we are dedicated to supporting as many as we can! 

When does the funding bar update?

Unfortunately, this is not automated so will be updated within every 48hrs.

My question isn't here. Can I contact someone?

Absolutely - we would love to hear from you. You can email us on info@squawksquad.co.nz