Thames Coast Kiwi Care

- Currently funding
- 60 trap goal
- Coromandel
- Project aims to protect Coromandel brown kiwi

Thames Coast Kiwi Care, a volunteer-based conservation project focusing on protecting our very own iconic kiwi. More specifically the Coromandel brown kiwi. Despite the fact that this bird is a cherished symbol of New Zealand (to the point we even affectionately pinch its name when referring to New Zealanders) it is still not only at risk but declining by 2-3% per year! According to experts within two generations the brown kiwi could be extinct in the wild.

Brown kiwi photographed by Andrew Walmsley Photography

We owe it to our native icon and future generations to support initiatives like Thames Coast Kiwi Care. In order to protect our flightless friends, create a safe environment for these young kiwi to grow and continue to breed, their trapping network needs to be increased!

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