Te Rere Penguin Reserve

- Funded 07/06/17 (via Kickstarter)
- 60 traps
- 643 supporters (total on Kickstarter)
- The Catlins
- Project aims to protect Yellow-eyed penguin (hoiho)

After smashing our first Kickstarter goal we decided to extend our impact by planning three projects across New Zealand and then leaving it up to our backers to vote for their favourite. Te Rere was the winner!

The South Island’s very own Te Rere Penguin Reserve in the Catlins. Home to not only one of the world’s rarest penguin species, our native Hoiho, or Yellow-eyed penguin, but also providing sanctuary to a variety of wildlife including little penguins, sooty shearwaters and forest birds. Te Rere needs your support by funding traps to ensure the safety of breeding areas and penguin chicks from predators such as rats, stoats and possums.

Te Rere photo of adult and chick Hoiho residents

The Te Rere penguin reserve near the southernmost point of the South Island is a 70-hectare area of regenerating forest owned by New Zealand’s Forest and Bird Society. The reserve was started in 1981 and the Society has fenced the land, continues to replant native trees, regularly monitors wildlife and is building up a network of traps to control rats, stoats and possums.

With this project, we aim to add to the internal network of conventional catch traps by adding monitored automatic traps to the outer boundary fence. This is a remote area where the Society’s resources are stretched to regularly maintain the existing traps, so having an outer protective ring of automatic traps will be a great advantage.

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  • Jacob Beech

    Please save our native Penguin’s. We want possums, stoats and rats to removed from our land.

    Well done to Squawk Squad on created this Te Rere reserve.

    Jacob Beech
    age 8

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