Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre - Sanctuary Up Next!

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This project becomes available to fund once the current project is fully funded! To see all price tiers for getting involved with our current project with Thames Coast Kiwi Care take a look at our support a sanctuary page.


The Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre is a restoration project in the Wellington Region with the goal to restore the area of remnant indigenous forest and reintroduce native bird species. The main problem Pukaha has had to face is, you guessed it, pests. We love Pukaha as they are the proof of the dramatic change that can be made to an area with traps. Once riddled with pests they have already drastically reduced the number of predators and this has given them the opportunity to successfully reintroduce native birds such as takahē, kiwi, kōkako and kākā! Kudos Pukaha!

The job isn’t over though. In order to continue to see them thrive and to reintroduce more native birds across the wildlife centre we need to support Pukaha in keeping our birds safe! Pukaha's 2016 census resulted in 30 pairs of kōkako being identified and they have now set a goal to increase that number to 100! If Pukaha is voted to be our second sanctuary project, we will protect their “frontface” to target rats and protect the resident kōkako population (and the other array of very special resident native birds). This would also aid them to track their pest control and begin to minimise their reliance on toxins to control pests.

Local Pukaha kōkako enjoying the snow

Aside from the fantastic work they are doing in restoration Pukaha also has a keen focus on education having frequent guided tours and talks for not only interested members of the public but also kindergarteners right through to college students.


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