Project #1 - Ark in the Park

- Funded 07/06/17 (via Kickstarter)
- 60 traps
- 643 supporters (total on Kickstarter)
- Auckland
- Project aims to protect reintroduce kōkako

Our first large-scale project is in aid of Ark in the Park sanctuary. Ark in the Park is a wildlife sanctuary in a northern New Zealand rainforest, at the Cascade Kauri Park in Auckland's Waitakere Ranges Regional Park. Their sanctuary covers 2,200 hectares. By controlling non-native pests and predators, they help restore the ecology of the area to its natural state.

For this project, we aim to deploy 40 of our trapping systems set up in a grid network protecting the outer border of Ark in the Park. The area we are protecting will be an extension of Ark in the Park’s current protected area aimed at defending nearby nesting Kokako.

Threatened, North Island Kokako

Kokako are a rare New Zealand bird species that are threatened with extinction and have been reintroduced into Ark in the Park.

These traps will be funded by the Kickstarter and donated to Ark in the Park, where they will maintain these traps and refuel them accordingly. This will greatly reduce their current time spent on maintaining traps, giving them more time to work on other ways to revitalise the park to its natural state and reintroduce other threatened bird species.

Threatened bird species that reside in Ark in the Park:

                   - North Island Kokako

                   - Whitehead/Popokatea  

                   - North Island Robin/Toutouwai  

                   - Tomtit/Miromiro

Endangered Kaka playing

This project will benefit a wide range of different birds and the sanctuary they inhabit. Currently, there are 45 different species sighted in this area, with plans to reintroduce other species into the mix.  

These potential reintroductions include  

                  * Yellow-crowned Kakariki/Parakeet 

                  *  Kaka (Maybe self-reintroduced)

                  * In the future the Kiwi may be able to be reintroduced


To see more about our friends at Ark in the Park you can check out their website here.


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